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Head Office Phone: +27 (0)21 851-2155
  Fax: +27 (0)21 214-1302
  eMail: info@overbergwater.co.za

Welcome to the Overberg Water Board

Overberg Water Board came into being in 1993 when the former Duivenhoks and Rûensveld water boards amalgamated. Overberg Water Board is a National Government Business Enterprise as defined in Schedule 3B of the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA).


Water Saving Tips

Water is a precious resource and since the Western Cape is in the midst of a serious drought, everyone has to learn how to use it carefully. Every action everyone takes to save water in their homes does make a difference!

Water News

Read the latest news from the
Overberg Water Board in Water News.


In case of emergencies, please utilise the following contact numbers: 

Rûensveld West
Treatment Works
+27 (0)28 215-8830
Administrative Office
+27 (0)28 214-3511
Rûensveld East
Treatment Works
+27 (0)28 050-0398
Administrative Office
+27 (0)28 050-0391
Treatment Works
+27 (0)28 722-8002
Administrative Office
+27 (0)28 722-8000


as at 13 Aug 2019

Dam % Full
Duiwenhoks 82.0 No Change
Theewaterskloof 70.9 Increase
Berg River 100.9 Increase
Steenbras Lower 100.9 No Change
Steenbras Upper 99.5 No Change
Voëlvlei 85.9 Increase
Wemmershoek 87.3 Increase
August 2019

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